Client : School work ( ESIAJ )

Software : Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design

Year : 2012

Fonts : Bebas Neue, Georgia

The process : I created this paper planes box to promote my master thesis.
For my master thesis, I had to create a website. The subject was open, we just had to imagine a problem and offer a solution.
Winter was terribly cold that year and many people struggled with simple tasks.
For example: my neighbour was heating his house with coal but didn’t have a car to go buy some more when he was out of stock. He didn’t want to bother anybody by asking for help so he was living in a non-heated house in the middle of the winter.
Many people are afraid to ask direct help to people around them and would much rather ask it to a community where people could say yes or no without feeling obliged.
There are also many people wanting to help but they don’t know how. They’d have skills or wouldn’t mind helping in some fields but not in others. For example: « I like to walk, I wouldn’t mind walking your dogs twice a day while your sick ».
My idea was to create a community based space called ‘Supervoisin’ where individuals could ask for help but also where they could offer their help.
The website would be divided by regions but also by themes (transport, physical help, human relations and other).

The idea was to create an amusing and creative way to promote our projects. So I decided to create a set of paper planes cause they are always fun to make and throw. On each paper there would be an advert of someone in need or of someone ready to help.
An easy and enjoyable way to communicate with your neighbours.

Credits : I have to thank Joëlle Palmaerts for her help through the packaging process. Sarah Van de Spiegle, Eloïse Clément and my wonderful parents for their help and support.