Australia (Part 5) – Brisbane


I met Kristie in Thailand 7 years ago. We hadn’t seen each other since but kept in touch via social medias.
When Nicolas and I decided to go to Brisbane, I contacted her and she immediately invited us to stay with her and Erik (her boyfriend).

Kristie is a Ranger and works for the Queensland National Parks.
Luckily for us, she had two days off after we arrived and offered to take us to her work to show us some of the Australian animals she’s taking care of.

We were so excited to go! She’s passionate about her work, the environment and about animals (especially birds). It’s so fun and educational to listen to her. She showed us reptiles and other animals and taught us all there is to know about every creature we met. We were so blown away and extremely happy.



Kristie took us next to Southbank and after a short walk, went to show us some museums.
She’s so cultivated and passionate and knows so much that we didn’t even have to read any information signs anymore. People even stopped next to us to listen to her, probably thinking that she was one of the museum’s guides.


We then went to meet up with Erik and had some sushis.
In Australia, unlike Belgium, sushis are cheap, fresh, everywhere and so tasty!
Once we finished eating, Kristie & Erik brought us to the top of Mt Coottha to witness a spectacular night panoramic view of Brisbane.

Erik knew a place where it was possible to see some wild koalas and invited Nicolas to go on his kayak the next day to try to spot his first koala.
After 1h30 of paddling, they came back with stars in their eyes. They had seen one on a tree.



Our trip in Australia was magical and we saw so many wonders: we surfed with dolphins, swam with sea turtles, barracudas and small sharks, pat a kangaroo, hold lizards, touched snakes, saw wild platypus and kayaked next to a koala.
We also witnessed breathtaking sceneries with the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. But above all, we discovered a beautiful culture where people are welcoming and caring, and where it’s simply nice to live.