Software : Procreate, Illustrator

Year : 2018

The process : Synclinal ASBL is a small non-profit organisation that helps people and couples from all age find their way around a personal or common issue through a reflection process. A Syncline (Synclinal in English) is a fold with younger layers closer to the center of the structure. On a geologic map, synclines are recognized as a sequence of rock layers, with the youngest at the fold’s center or hinge and with a reverse sequence of the same rock layers on the opposite side of the hinge. (Source: Wikipedia).
Pierre, one of it’s co-founder asked me to redesigned their logo which he quickly drew on Powerpoint a few years back. I hand-drawn the logo and vectorized it. Every letter is linked which gives the idea of a connection. The loop under the ‘Y’ represents the rebound and the cursive font reminds us of the rock layers.